Our Journey...

Our physical home

Our journey as a church family began in 1996 when Paul & Kjersti Hubbard came out of a Baptist church in the local area to start Christian Life Church.

Our first meeting place was in Victoria Hall in Saltaire. In 2002 we purchased our present building on Manor Lane in Shipley for just £30,000! It had been a church since the mid-1800s and the 6 ladies who remained as a congregation were delighted that it would be revived as a church building once more. Suffice to say it needed extensive work but 4 years, and around £600,000 later, we offically moved into our newly restored upstairs space.

Our leadership

Paul & Kjersti Hubbard started our church family back in 1996 and they are still very much a part. Paul led the church from the beginning until 2007 when we released Adam to be our Pastor. When we released Adam, Paul continued to be involved and remains very much involved to this day. We relate to him principly as a father to our church family. His ministry now takes him all over the world but he spends time with us in his "home" church on a regular basis. He splits his time mainly between the UK and Norway where Kjersti teaches in a Christian school. They have 3 adult children, Josh, Maria & Rebecca. You can find out more about Paul's wider ministry here.

Adam & Faye Carver lead our church family with the vital help of our leadership team. They married in 2008 and have a three-year-old daughter Alyssa. Faye is also mum to Adam's sons Joshua, Isaac, and Samuel who lost their mum Ange suddenly of natural causes in April 2007.

Their heart is to see the church family be raised and released into everything God has called them to be. They have different and complimentary giftings and are very much a team that leads together. Faye leads our worship teams and Adam loves to teach. He has just started producing a series of short videos which are available in the blog.

In October 2012 they launched Little Daisy's, a play and party centre for under 5's which operates from our church building providing an income for Adam & Faye and a rental income for the church.