What are we passionate about?

Most churches have a unique purpose, a key thing they are focussed on. For some it's telling others about Jesus, for others its about social action or perhaps a children’s work. We love all these things and they all play a part in our family life but our primary focus, the thing we are really passionate about, is people growing up!. We are passionate about people arising, walking and doing.


We have all fallen down, some of us of our own accord, others of us, because someone pushed us down. We have all experienced failure to some degree and felt like in some way we might not make it. The God we know has no desire to see us stay on the floor. He wants us to arise, to get up, to stand once again.

Arising is hard becasue to truly arise you must be honest and vulnerable about why you have fallen. We love honesty, we love vulnerabilty and we love being open with each other because it's the only way we can start to truly arise!


Once we have started to arise we must then walk. Perhaps we must walk back to heal the wounds of the past, but we must also walk forward knowing that God has wonderful exploits and adventures for us to do. We must learn how to walk in a way that minimise our chances of falling again, whilst becoming increasingly secure in the Father's love for us for those times when we will, inevitably, fall again.


Once we are walking we must do something. The God we know is a God of partnership, great things get done on the earth when we partner with Him to do them. Wonderful things have been done and continue to be done from our church family.

We have seen the creation of a national debt charity, a national website supporting midwives and a national outreach to the emergency services. Everyone at CLC is special and has incredible talents and we love helping to find these treasures in people, train them and release them to be the person God created them to be. We're passionate about going on that journey with everyone who walks through our doors, no matter where they're at in their walk with Jesus or what they've been through.